Are you facing a change in your career?

Whether you are self-initiating a change in your career or it is due to outside influences, a career change requires vigilance, self-confidence and an intelligent use of emotions.

As an objective sparring partner, I support you in exploring new ways to cope with larger tasks, to examine their role behaviour and to utilise the chances given to you. Whether you are starting a new profession, or transitioning between careers, the balance between your work and private life is important. 


 In the career coaching framework, the following topics can be addressed:

  • Potential Analysis 
  • Career search and vision work
  • Determination of performance motivation and value structures
  • Creative Job Search - consideration of new career paths
  • Is the path to independence an option for you? Opportunities and risks of self-employment or your own company
  • Self-promotion and marketing
  • Preparing for introductory and job interviews