Clients & Referrals





Adriano Menicanti, Client Manager

"I have met Sonia because I was unhappy with my job, unsatisfied with my life and lacking self-confidence. Working with Sonia has been life changing: I found a new job that I like, I realized how full and interesting my life is and now I am very proud of myself.

Sonia helps you with the Reiss Profile to accept who you are and to truly understand what drives you. During the sessions she asks precise questions that help to see the situation from different points of view.

By working with Sonia I have not just achieved my goal of finding a new job but I also have discovered many things about myself that enable me to live a life that suits me."


Daniel Bartlett, Personal Trainer and Boxing Coach:

"Sonia's sessions were much needed when I had some big decisions to make with my work. Her guidance was crucial in me prioritising which areas of work I should focus on and, more importantly, which direction I wanted to go in. This guidance has ensured I am now focused and fulfilled in my professional life. 

I would recommend Sonia very highly." 



Tim Biedler, Founder and Entrepreneur:

"A Reiss-Profile is only as good as the coach, who is doing the evaluation. I can thoroughly recommend Mrs Sonia Linda Reinecke, who has moved my subconscious thoughts into my conscious mind, which has changed the perspective I have on those around me, as well as how I view myself. "




Anne Schuy, Personal Assistent for senior citizens:

"Through coaching with Mrs. Reinecke, I realized what I needed to take into account in order to become self-employed, and what I needed to acknowledge about my personality, in order to be a success.

Although I was aware of my skills, I did not know how to sensibly and effectively put them to good use, which became clear to me through Mrs Reinecke's coaching process.


I have taken the necessary steps to being fully self-employed. Characteristics, that would usually hinder my success, I can tackle these in advance and find a suitable remedy.  The specific challenges that I find demanding, I can now consciously tackle with a different mind-set or even delegate. This way I can fulfil my professional duties on my own two feet and in my own nature.”




Felix Dlugosch, Art Director:

"I wanted to develop myself professionally and Sonia Reinecke was recommended to me.  I especially enjoyed the structured course of the coaching sessions. Before every meeting, the objectives and targets for the hourly session, were clearly defined and these were also checked at the end of the hour. Through a strengths and weaknesses analysis I realized what I can do really well, and where there is room for improvement. With this insight, I could reach my target customers, and higher-paid positions within a few months. I would happily recommend Sonia Reinecke and wish her all the best. "